Millennium Group is currently considering the acquisition of land, hotels, condominiums, comprehensive marinas, individual properties, or portfolios, in the range of US$5 - $500 million per acquisition. Millennium Group has a preference for investments within the following markets:

  Koh Chang
  Phang Nga
  Hua Hin
  Phu Quoc
  Hainan Island
  Mergui Islands
- Burma

Investment Structure: Purchases will be 100% fee interest (ground lease property less than 50 yrs discouraged). Millennium Group will consider a co-investment position. If a transaction is larger than US$20 million, Millennium Group may choose to obtain an institutional co-investor and/or third party financing at closing.

Property Type: Resorts include land, hotels, condominiums, comprehensive resorts, marina’s, individual properties, or portfolios. Reference should be made to the specific requirements per the attached.

Development Properties: A preference will be given for owned land or to be acquired land or properties with conversion or refurbishment / re-positioning potential, whereby Millennium Group, is invited to partner bringing Capital, Development Consultancy and Development Management skills.

  • Emerging Markets
  • Solid foreign ownership structures
  • Formidable Land Planning regulations

Return Requirements: The return requirements vary based upon location, physical attributes, development restrictions and prevailing market conditions. Millennium Group and its partners typically set the bar high with a minimum 25% IRR hurdle with a solid exit strategy, or long term growth projections.

Investment Period: For all resort investments, our typical Investment holding period is between 3 and 7 years. For Speculative development sales – total exit and full repatriation of profits within the 3 year period. For strong annuity performance through exit or refinancing at or around the 7th year.

Planning & Environmental: Developments will need to be positioned in formidable land planning areas with adhered to statutory regulations. Properties must be free of any hazardous materials or environmental liabilities and

Submissions Information :
  Physical description
  Site plan/survey
  Floor plans
  Market information
  Detailed lease summary
  Existing financing information
  Color photographs & aerials
  Location map