Koh Rong Location

Location: Latitude 10.7333 Lat (DMS) 10o43’60N, Longitude 103.7333 Long (DMS) 103o12’ 0E

Season: Prime tourist season is from December to March, extended season is from November to May

Weather: Tourist season temperature range 20-30oC, prevailing winds from the North-West

Size: 78 square kilometers (30 square miles), 16 kilometers (10 miles) in length North – South

Topography: Undulating topography with its highest peak at 133m (400 ft)

Beaches: 28 beaches ranging from 30m – 6km (33 yards – 3.8 miles) in length

Waterways: Seven bays with shallow turquoise waters teaming with aquatic life

Vegetation: Tropical – palm trees and rainforests

Inhabitants: 2000 fishermen living in huts in four villages

In frastructure: no infrastructure or permanent buildings

Cuisine: Seafood prepared in a fusion of Thai and Chinese with lime and pepper influence

About Koh Rong
About Koh Rong

The Island has three unique attributes: location, raw beauty and size. Firstly, Koh Rong is located in the center of the Indochina Riviera only 20 kilometers (13 miles) off the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia’s leading resort destination. The Indochina Riviera is influenced by the French Colonialism and stretches across 600 kilometers (375 miles) of Thai-Cambodian-Vietnamese coastline comprising untouched islands, pristine beaches, calm turquoise waterways (no exposure to tsunami or cyclones) and virgin rainforests. On the doorstep of China, and only a one hour flight from the international flight hubs of Bangkok and Singapore, the Island is easily accessible for tourists from all over the world.

Koh Rong is currently a wilderness and will be completely master planned. The quality and aesthetics of all of the Island’s development will be controlled by a building code dictated by the Master Developer. The Governments of Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam have allocated most of the desirable land in the region to tourism developers or zoned land as nature reserves; therefore large greenfield sites suitable for master planning are limited.

Please click HERE for professional pictures of Koah Rong Island, taken by Garrison Photographic in a task for Millennium Group. 

Description of Project

Millennium Group and its Cambodian partner, Royal Group (together the “Master Developer”) intend to develop a 78 square kilometer (30 square mile) private Cambodian island (“Koh Rong” or the “Island”) into a luxury resort destination.  The Master Developer owns a 99-year master lease (“Lease”) from the Royal Government of Cambodia for the exclusive land use and development of the Island. The Island, almost the size of Hong Kong Island, is located in the east of the Gulf of Thailand, a region earmarked as the “Indochina Riviera”. The Indochina Riviera’s proximity to North Asia is similar to the Caribbean for North America and the Mediterranean for Europe. The Master Developer is raising a minimum USD 150 million from financial and/or development partners (“Investors”) to complete the initial phases of the Island’s development.

Planning approval

The Island will be developed in stages over 20 + years. The Island’s infrastructure will be built out in phases in line with the resort and villa developments. The Island has been divided into 33 lots for development consisting of a gross usable land area of 5,103 hectares (12,247 acres) leaving 2,790 (6,696 acres) as virgin rainforest.  The Island’s total plot ratio will be low at an average density of 0.24 with a three storey height limit and a gross floor area of 15.1 million sqm (161.5 million sqf).  Site coverage ranges from 20-30% with all resorts limited to 20% and community residential limited to a site coverage of 30%.

Phase I: Phase One will comprise two spa resorts, 160 estate villas, a beach club, five restaurants and a lagoon.  The proposed Site 1 resort will comprise 80 rooms with 30 estate villas of 2,000 sqm (21,500 sqf) on 2 hectare (5 acre) plots and 50 villas of 1,000 sqm (10,750 sqf) on one hectare (2.5 acre) plots. The Site 2 resort will comprise 120 rooms with 30 estate villas of 2,000 sqm on 2 hectare plots and 50 villas of 330 sqm (3,500 sqf) on one hectare plots.  All villas and resort rooms will have sea views and privacy. The Phase One will be built in parallel to the Island’s initial infrastructure that will include an airport, port, roads, power, water and telecommunications systems. The Phase One Development plans are as tabled below:

Investment Opportunities

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